Transforming Industry with 5G Private Networks

Looking to drive higher productivity and new innovations in your business? 5G private networks are poised to transform industrial settings, offering high reliability, low latency and dedicated resources to support a variety of new applications and use cases.  Whether you’re in energy, shipping or looking to create the factory of the future, 5G improves efficiency across a variety of industries.

Locally owned and operated, 5G private networks allow facilities to retain full control over their network to optimize services independent of public networks while keeping sensitive data secure on-site.

Deploying a 5G private network also solves multiple challenges to achieve ultra-reliability in an industrial environment:

  • Fiber-like speeds with millisecond latency over the air allow for wireless control of complex manufacturing processes
  • Packet loss lower than one in a million for mission-critical equipment requiring reliable performance
  • Coordinated, multi-point small cells provide redundancy to ensure radio signals aren’t easily blocked while in facilities that contain moving metal parts

As engineers in Qualcomm’s Engineering Services Group (ESG), QWA instructors have been on the front lines of LTE private network deployments and we’re excited for the unique capabilities 5G brings, including enhanced ultra-reliable low latency communication (eURLLC) with millisecond latency and 99.9999% reliability. We’re helping companies around the globe transition their wired industrial Ethernet to more flexible and efficient wireless networks.

Last year we collaborated with Siemens to set-up the first 5G private standalone network at their Automotive Test Center in Nuremberg. This field study provided invaluable real-world learnings to support future private network deployments and refine solutions for smart industrial deployments. As QWA instructors, we aim to share this knowledge when delivering our standards-based courses, making the learning experience more relevant and meaningful for students of all levels, across all industries.

QWA offers our corporate customers a dedicated course on ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC Overview), where your team can learn about the engineering concepts enabling millisecond-level connection. To further strengthen your team’s technical understanding of the fundamentals enabling Industrial IoT, we also offer a course on 5G NR for Industrial IoT: Technical Overview.

If you’re interested in learning more about what 5G can bring to your business, and what functionality to expect with future 3GPP releases, consider signing up for Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G.  You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how 5G technology works and potential applications for revolutionizing how your business operates.