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QXDM is becoming a staple in the wireless industry, so receiving QXDM training is crucial to ensure your company stays up to date on the latest wireless trends. In this article, we discuss what QXDM is and how you can receive QXDM training with the Qualcomm Wireless Academy.

What is QXDM?

The Qualcomm® eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor (QXDM) provides companies with a diagnostic client for mobile phones. Specifically, it provides a diagnostic client for the rapid testing of new devices, features, and network deployments. For more information on QXDM and an overview of how it can be applied, please visit Qualcomm Technologies’ “QXDM Professional™ Tool Quick Start” page.

Types of QXDM Training Provided by the Qualcomm Wireless Academy

The Qualcomm Wireless Academy offers two courses dedicated to ensuring your team knows everything it needs to know about QXDM and how to apply this tool at your company. Both of the following courses are taught by leading engineers at Qualcomm Technologies and can be taken online.
  • QXDM 5G Log Analysis Training: This half-day training course gives engineers the knowledge and skills they need to implement QXDM log analysis best-practices. The course covers how to obtain Qualcomm Technologies software tools, how to manage the connection of a Qualcomm Technologies-based device, how to collect network air interface logs with QXDM5, and much more. To learn more about this course and to sign up, please visit our “QXDM 5G Log Analysis Training” page.
  • QXDM 4G Log Analysis Training: This half-day training is similar to the course described above, but with a focus on 4G log analysis. To learn more about this course and to sign up, please visit our “QXDM 4G Log Analysis Training” page.
When you or your team finishes one of our courses, you will receive a Qualcomm-branded certificate of completion that shows key stakeholders that you are trained by the best in the business.

About the Qualcomm Wireless Academy

The Qualcomm Wireless Academy is the educational and training branch of Qualcomm Technologies, a world leader in 5G technology and wireless innovation. We provide premium training within several areas of the wireless engineering field, including 5G, LTE Advanced, C-V2X, WiFi, and more. We have courses for business professionals, engineers new to the field, and experienced wireless engineers. We also offer a corporate training program for companies looking to optimize their 5G capabilities.

Students and trainees can take many of our courses online through our eLearning program, which offers dozens of online courses for those who prefer a more flexible learning style. For more information or to sign up for a course either as an individual or a company, please reach out to us at

About the Author – Francisco Martinez Gonzalez

Francisco Martinez Gonzalez is a Staff Systems Engineer at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. He has more than 11 years of experience covering end-to-end wireless communication systems from 2G to 5G, supporting mobile network operators and infra-vendors in 5G bring-up and optimization services. Francisco is also an instructor for the Qualcomm Wireless Academy and holds a Bachelor of Science from La Universidad del Zulia.