Benefits of 5G That Could Change Your Life

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5G has received a lot of media attention over the past few years, as companies have been spending billions of dollars building the infrastructure to sustain a global 5G network. And naturally, some people have been asking whether the benefits of 5G are worth the costs.

The short answer to whether 5G is worth it, in our opinion, is absolutely! While the infrastructure to support 5G is expensive, the benefits of 5G can revolutionize our lives from both a personal and business perspective.

In this article, we discuss why we believe 5G is worth it. Specifically, we discuss the biggest advantages of 5G that show why we think it is worth the costs. We then show you where you can go to learn more about 5G technology and how it works.

Three Benefits of 5G That Could Change Your Life

5G can drastically alter the way we communicate and live our lives. The following are just three of the biggest benefits of 5G and how each can make your life easier:
  • Revolutionized Mobile Experience: As we live more of our lives online and through our smart phones, we all know the frustration of slow data speeds. With 5G, however, you will experience speeds up to 100x faster than 4G, and you will even be able to stream 8K video directly from your mobile device! This opens up a world of possibilities to enhance our digital lives in areas such as online learning, video games, entertainment, live streaming, business communication, and so much more.
  • Unlimited Online Learning Potential: One downside to online learning has always been the lack of reliability of home and mobile internet. With the speed and reliability of 5G, however, online learning can thrive and become more accessible to more people. 5G’s speed and bandwidth allow for better livestreaming of classes and more interactive online learning. They also facilitate the ability to learn and participate with more ease from your mobile device. As remote learning becomes more popular, 5G technology can help it grow and unlock its full potential.
  • Changing the Way We Do Business: Saying that 5G will revolutionize the business world, in our opinion, is an understatement. Thanks to 5G technology and its impact on our internet speed and reliability, most people should be able to work remotely and communicate more effectively than ever. 5G can allow business professionals to conduct more effective video meetings, work from mobile devices from just about anywhere in the world, transfer and share large business and data files with ease, and so much more.

Learn More about 5G Technology and Its Benefits

If you’re interested in learning more about 5G technology and how it is changing the world, please check out our courses on the Qualcomm Wireless Academy website. We have courses for business professionals that offer insight into how you can optimize the latest 5G technology for business, as well as courses for engineers that dive deep into 5G technical components. If you’re looking for a short overview course, we recommend taking our 5G Primer.

About the Qualcomm Wireless Academy

The Qualcomm Wireless Academy is the educational and training branch of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a world leader in 5G technology and wireless innovation. We provide premium training within several areas of the wireless engineering field, including 5G, LTE Advanced, C-V2X, WiFi, and more. We have courses for business professionals, engineers new to the field, and experienced wireless engineers. We also offer a corporate training program for companies looking to optimize their 5G capabilities.

Students and trainees can take many of our courses online through our eLearning program, which offers dozens of online courses for those who prefer a more flexible learning style. For more information or to sign up for a course either as an individual or a company, please reach out to us at

About the Author – Richard Vukovics

Richard Vukovics is a Vice President of Engineering Operations at Qualcomm Technologies. He has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in the wireless communication field. He received his Bachelor of Science from San Jose State University and his MBA from the University of San Francisco’s School of Management.