eHRPD: Interworking Between EV-DO and LTE

Type: course

Length: 1 day

This course is intended for experienced telecommunications professionals involved in planning, deploying, or operating aspects of a 3GPP2 network migrating to LTE

Single Carrier EV-DO (Rel0/RevA) Technical Overview or equivalent knowledge


This course provides an in-depth understanding of what eHRPD is and why it is important for a 3GPP2 operators’ LTE deployment. The main purpose of eHRPD is to provide interworking between the LTE network and the EV-DO network. The network architecture evolution that occurs with eHRPD will be discussed in detail along with the various call processing examples, attach procedures, mobility and interworking scenarios. Device/handset modifications and behavior changes, including multimode system selection will be discussed in detail as well.

  • Describe the evolution of 3GPP2 and 3GPP technologies
  • Define and explain the eHRPD market and technology drivers
  • Describe deployment strategies and network requirements for interworking
  • Describe the LTE air interface capabilities and compare them to 1xEV-DO
  • Describe the eHRPD network architecture, elements, and interfaces
  • Identify and describe interworking scenarios between 1xEV-DO and LTE
  • Describe the differences between the 3GPP and 3GPP2 interworking architectures
  • Explain eHRPD packet session management, authentication, and IP allocation
  • Describe the various mobility scenarios for active and idle handoffs
  • Identify the capabilities of a multimode eAT and system selection