5G NR Call Processing: Standalone Mode

This course begins with a look at 5G Evolution and Network Architecture. It then provides an overview of UE functions/procedures in Idle mode before looking at registration and PDU establishment, QoS and network slicing, RRC states and allowed transitions, call flows and procedures related to mobility: Intra-NR and Inter RAT, call flows related to beam management, VoNR, and failure recovery. The course concludes with a discussion of other call processing considerations.

NR Tech Overview, LTE Rel 8 and 9 Call Processing, and NSA Call Processing

• Describe 3GPP specification evolution from LTE to 5G NR.
• List the deployment options for both SA and NSA.
• Describe 5G network architecture and main network functions as compared with LTE.
• Describe the System Information Acquisition process.
• Define the types of on-demand OSI delivery.
• List the use cases for Paging and its types.
• Explain Intra/Inter-Frequency and Inter-RAT reselection.
• Describe the Random Access process.
• Describe the UE RM status for 5GMM and 5GSM.
• Describe the NAS Identity, authentication, security, and registration procedures.
• Describe the call flow procedure of PDU session establishment and release.
• List QoS parameters used in 5G.
• Describe QoS establishment signaling flows.
• Discuss QoS marking and resource mapping.
• Describe Network Slicing and deployment options.
• Illustrate Slice setup procedures during Registration and PDU Session establishment.
• Discuss Slicing implementation in Mobility, Roaming and Interworking with EPS.
• Introduce the RRC states in 5G NR SA mode.
• Describe transitions and call flows across NR RRC states.
• Review the differences between NR SA and NSA RRC states.
• Introduce Beam Management in 5G NR.
• Describe various procedures for Beam establishment.
• Discuss CSI-RS for Beam Tracking or Beam Refinement.
• Introduce TCI States and QCL concepts for Beam Management.
• Discuss Uplink Beam Management.
• Introduce 5G NR measurement configuration and reporting.
• Describe handover procedure involving Xn Interface.
• Review CFRA and RACH prioritization during handover.
• Walk through uplink waveform change scenario.
• Introduce network topology and functional aspects of interworking between NR and LTE.
• Discuss key parameters of IRAT measurement configuration.
• Discuss UE context processing while IRAT mobility.
• Discuss signaling call flow for idle and connected mode mobility.
• Explain aspects of handover between SA and NSA.