5G Core Network Overview

The course starts with an introduction to 5G Core Networks. It then explains the 5G network architecture and 5GC protocols, discusses session management and 5GC policies, explains network slicing, 5GC security, EPC Interworking, and roaming, before closing with a look at 5GC services.

• 5G NR Technical Overview
• 5G NR Network Architecture

• Describe the motivation for 5G Core Network evolution.
• Identify the Key goals for 5GC.
• Recognize the major components of 5G Core Network.
• Describe the 5GC building blocks.
• Illustrate 5G Core network architecture.
• Describe Service Based Representation.
• Explain Deployment options.
• Identify key UE identifiers in 5GS.
• Identify the 5GC – UE and 5GC – RAN signaling connections.
• Explain the protocol stack of the 5GC signaling interfaces.
• Describe how user plane data is forwarded and transferred between the NG-RAN and external data networks.
• Introduce Session Management.
• Illustrate PDU Session Establishment Procedures.
• Discuss 5G QoS functionality and list QoS characteristics and parameters.
• Describe Session and Service Continuity.
• Explain Policy Control Function functionalities
• Describe AMF – PCF Policy Association and PCF –SMF Policy Establishment
• Illustrate AF-PCF call flow
• Explain UE policies : URSP and the ANDSP
• Explain Network Slicing in 5G.
• Describe network slice selection and setup procedure.
• Describe network slicing during roaming.
• Discuss Network slicing interworking with EPS.
• Recognize the security architecture in the 5G Core Network.
• Identify security requirements and features in 5G RAN and the 5G CN.
• Describe the security procedures between UE and 5G network functions.
• Explain security for Interworking between EPS and 5GS.
• Describe Security Management for network slices.
• Describe mobility interworking with NSA and SA mode.
• Explain the UE Registration modes for EPC interworking.
• Identify the role of the N26 interface during handover between NR and LTE.
• Describe the interworking options with and without N26.
• Compare the 4G and 5G roaming architecture and application scenarios.
• Describe network slicing architectures in 5G roaming.
• Discuss the role of steering of roaming in the 5G architecture.
• Describe authentication and security procedures in 5G roaming.