5G NR Network Slicing - Overview

The course introduces network slicing, discusses slice operation in 5G, slice management, use cases and application, and looks at deployment considerations.

• 5G NR Technical Overview
• 5G Core Network Overview
• 5G NR SA Call Processing

• Introduce Network Slicing motivation.
• Describe limitations with LTE QOS and DECOR.
• Describe Network Slicing use cases.
• Review the benefits and tradeoffs of Network Slicing.
• Describe Network Slicing and architecture.
• Detail interworking with EPC and roaming scenarios.
• Review Slicing future enhancements.
• Discuss Network Slice Management & Orchestration.
• Illustrate end-to-end Network Slice Instance creation.
• Present Network Slice Instance life cycle.
• Discuss Communication Services through Network Slice Instances.
• Review cloud-native networking and the NFV/SDN framework.
• Present NFV reference architecture.
• Describe the main use cases which benefit from Network Slicing.
• Identify techniques for advanced use of Network Slicing.
• List main deployment aspects.
• Recognize operative implications to slicing.