LTE Advanced Release 10 Technical Overview

This course covers Release 10 with both FDD and TDD content. Both Air interface and Network enhancements that greatly improve spectral efficiency and peak data rates make the crux of this course. Air interface features such as Carrier Aggregation (CA) and MIMO and network enhancements such as enhanced Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets), Home eNodeBs (HeNB), and Relays are explained in detail. This course also presents how eICIC enables Cell Range Extension (CRE) to improve coverage and capacity of the overall network. Finally, future enhancements on Self Optimizing Networks (SON), Machine Type Communication (MTC) and Release11 outlook are discussed.


  • Explain the motivations for LTE Advanced. 
  • Describe how Carrier Aggregation (CA) in Release 10 improves data rates while making use of fragmented LTE spectrum allocations across several bands. 
  • Describe how enhanced MIMO improves spectral efficiency and increases data rates.
  • Describe the principles of enhanced Inter Cell Interference Coordination (eICIC), which enables HetNet co-channel deployments. 
  • Describe how Relays are used in Release 10 and the HeNB enhancements. 
  • List future features and enhancements of Release 11 and beyond.

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