URLLC Overview

The course introduces URLLC, discusses URLLC enablers (Rel 15), eURLLC (Rel 16), and deployment considerations.

• 5G NR Technical Overview
• 5G NR Air Interface

• Discuss utra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) as a 5G service class.
• List key URLLC applications and services.
• Discuss the development timeline for 5G specifications that support URLLC.
• Outline key features of 5G RAN and the 5G Core Network that enable URLLC applications.
• List the main 5G features enabling URLLC in Rel 15.
• Discuss techniques in 5G that help reduce latency.
• Explain features that improve reliability in 5G.
• Describe preemption for URLLC traffic in Rel 15.
• Introduce key enhancements in Rel 16 that improve system latency and reliability.
• Explain multiplexing and scheduling enhancements introduced in Rel 16 that will improve overall system capacity.
• Summarize URLLC features and deployment aspects.
• Describe deployment considerations, e.g., MEC.
• Explain spectrum and duplexing considerations.
• Discuss Industrial IoT as a URLLC case study.