5G NR Massive MIMO and Active Antenna Systems

The course introduces Massive MIMO and its evolution, and discusses 5G Rel 15 Massive MIMIO, active antenna system and beamforming, deployment considerations, and Massive MIMO in Rel 16 and beyond.

• 5G NR Technical Overview
• 5G NR Air Interface

• Review MIMO (multiple input multiple output) systems.
• Describe Massive MIMO (M-MIMO) and its benefits.
• Explain Precoding and how it applies to Multi-antenna systems.
• Compare MIMO in LTE Release 13 and 14 with Massive MIMO in Release 15.
• Explain codeword to layer mapping in 5G.
• Discuss DL MIMO operations for sub-6 and mmWave.
• Describe channel sounding for Massive MIMO.
• Outline CSI reporting and feedback types.
• Explain the role of SRS in DL Massive MIMO.
• Describe SRS and PMI adaptive switching for DL MIMO.
• Explain DMRS for DL and UL data transmission.
• Discuss DL MIMO and UL MIMO transmission schemes.
• Discuss active antenna systems (AAS) and AAS architecture.
• Compare passive and active antennas.
• Describe beamforming and the three types of beamforming: analog, digital, and hybrid.
• Discuss antenna array choice in Massive MIMO deployments.
• Explain the effects of array size on beam shape and SINR.
• Discuss deployment considerations and challenges for massive MIMO.
• Review deployment-based broadcast/traffic beam options.
• Discuss antenna choice considerations.
• Explain operations and management associated with active antenna systems.
• Describe the evolution of MIMO.
• Outline enhancements on MIMO for NR in Release 16.