3G to 5G for Business Professionals

This 3G to 5G course begins with an introduction to cellular communications, summarizes the evolution of cellular services, and then takes a closer look at the changes from 3G to 4G LTE, and LTE operations and the challenges of 4G. The course concludes with a discussion of LTE Advanced and the road to 5G.

** If your focus is going to be 5G in the future, and you're new to wireless, we recommend you take our Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G course. Check it out here **

General knowledge of cellular communications concepts recommended
• Explain how wireless transmission works, how information is carried on radio waves and what affects how much and how fast information is sent.
• Illustrate a cellular network architecture and explain how a network provides coverage, connects users to services, and allows for multiple users.
• Explain how cellular technology, usage and demand has evolved in the past decade.
• State the benefits and air interface features of 4G LTE and summarize how it differs from previous generation networks.
• Define who determines network standards and protocols for cellular technologies, explain what operators are doing to handle the increased demand for data, and how 4G LTE works and the benefits it offers.
• Recognize the key components of the LTE network architecture.
• List the LTE data services, explain how LTE is optimized to deliver data packets, and state the factors that affect peak data rate performance.
• Name the 3GPP standard releases that define LTE Advanced, list the major features, and explain how LTE Advanced improves upon LTE.
• Discuss what features and benefits are expected for 5G.

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