LTE Advanced Release 11 Technical Training

Gain a greater understanding of LTE wireless technology, specifically LTE Advanced Release 11. Learn from engineers at Qualcomm Technologies: a global pioneer in wireless communication technology.


  • Take the next step in your career by gaining a greater understanding of LTE and wireless engineering.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless communication. 
  • Upon completion, receive a Qualcomm-branded certificate of completion that may help you get that next job or promotion.

  • Review of Release 10 features
  • Overview of LTE Advanced Release 11 with both FDD and TDD content
  • Discussion of all the major enhancements of Release 11:
    • Carrier Aggregation (CA) enhancements
    • Physical layer enhancements
    • Coordinated Multi Point (CoMP) Transmission
    • Enhancements for Smartphones and Home eNB
    • Service and additional enhancements

LTE Advanced Release 10 knowledge recommended

  • Describe the motivation for carrier aggregation enhancements.
  • Explain different timing Advance (TA) on different component carriers in inter-band scenarios.
  • Describe the enhancements for Downlink feedback on the Uplink.
  • List new TDD aspects for CA in Rel 11 including the new special subframe configuration.
  • Explain the configuration of ePDCCH.
  • Illustrate various CoMP deployment scenarios.
  • List different downlink and uplink CoMP techniques and the new downlink transmission mode for CoMP.
  • Describe in-device (IDC) interference and solution.
  • Introduce enhancement for Diverse Data application (eDDA), addition of new RF frequency and change in UE capability.
  • Describe X2 based HO enhancements including the new wideband RSRQ metric.
  • Explain energy saving enhancements.
  • Summarize roaming enhancements for voice over IMS.
  • Explain SON enhancements.
  • Summarize key Rel 12 enhancements.

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