LTE Advanced Release 11 Technical Overview

LTE Advanced is the next major milestone in the evolution path encompassing 3GPP Rel 10, Rel 11, and beyond. This course covers Release 11 (FDD and TDD). The course begins with a quick review of Rel 10 features, then presents all the major enhancements of Rel 11: Carrier Aggregation (CA) enhancements, Physical layer enhancements, Coordinated Multi Point (CoMP) Transmission, enhancements for Smartphones, Home eNB and other system enhancements, service enhancements and additional enhancements.

LTE Advanced Release 10 knowledge recommended

• Describe the motivation for carrier aggregation enhancements.
• Explain different timing Advance (TA) on different component carriers in inter-band scenarios.
• Describe the enhancements for Downlink feedback on the Uplink.
• List new TDD aspects for CA in Rel 11 including the new special subframe configuration.
• Explain the configuration of ePDCCH.
• Illustrate various CoMP deployment scenarios.
• List different downlink and uplink CoMP techniques and the new downlink transmission mode for CoMP.
• Describe in-device (IDC) interference and solution.
• Introduce enhancement for Diverse Data application (eDDA), addition of new RF frequency and change in UE capability.
• Describe X2 based HO enhancements including the new wideband RSRQ metric.
• Explain energy saving enhancements.
• Summarize roaming enhancements for voice over IMS.
• Explain SON enhancements.
• Summarize key Rel 12 enhancements.

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