Massive MIMO (MMIMO) in 5G NR

This course begins by defining Massive MIMO (M-MIMO). It goes on to discuss the benefits of M-MIMO, how it is a key enabler for wider coverage, higher throughput and capacity, discusses the path to M-MIMO, lists the different components of M-MIO in 5G Rel 15, and looks at deployment considerations.

• Prior knowledge of LTE and LTE-Advanced
• 5G NR Waveform and TDD Structure

• Introduce Massive MIMO (M-MIMO)
• Discuss the evolution of MIMO and compare the features across LTE Rel 13/14 and NR Rel 15
• Describe NR Rel 15 M-MIMO and design details
• Explain NR beamforming and beam management procedures
• Discuss deployment considerations
• Illustrate antenna design and TDD operation