5G NR NSA Log Analysis Workshop: SUB-6

The course begins with a look at the EN-DC setup procedures, discusses 5G system information, RACH procedures, DL and UL data operation, and EN-DC mobility and beam management.

• 5G NR Technical Overview
• 5G NR SA Call Processing
• 5G NR Air Interface

• Analyze LTE attach procedure logs for EN-DC setup.
• Describe how the network and UE indicates EN-DC support.
• Outline Measurement Based procedures for EN-DC setup.
• Explain Non-Measurement Based procedures for EN‑DC setup.
• Discuss what is carried by the X2-NR container.
• Describe how UE obtains system information.
• Explain how TDD Configuration is informed to UE.
• Identify key elements of Cell Acquisition in Log files: important system information parameters, parameters for SSB and MIB, TDD common configuration parameters
• Describe how the BWP is configured.
• Identify RACH Configuration parameters.
• Detail the RACH Procedure process.
• Review RACH Access Procedure example.
• Detail PDCCH configuration in NR.
• Illustrate DL scheduling via DCI (time and frequency domain).
• Review HARQ implementation for DL transmissions.
• Describe the configuration of key DL Reference Signals (CSI-RS, DM-RS and PT-RS).
• Identify low DL throughput scenarios.
• Illustrate PUSCH scheduling via DCI (time and frequency domain).
• Review PUCCH configuration and operation.
• Review UL Power control implementation for UL transmissions.
• Describe the configuration of key UL Reference Signals (DM-RS and SRS).
• Discuss cell level and Beam level mobility.
• Introduce 5G NR Measurement object and Report Configuration.
• Walk through NR – NR intra-frequency handover procedure.
• Discuss beam selection during initial setup.