LTE Release 8/9 Troubleshooting and Performance Workshop

Enhance your engineering skills and understanding of troubleshooting and performance for LTE Releases 8 and 9. Learn from engineers at Qualcomm Technologies: a global pioneer in 5G technology.

  • Take the next step in your career by gaining a greater understanding of LTE troubleshooting and performance.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless communication.
  • Upon completion, receive a Qualcomm-branded certificate of completion that may help you get that next job or promotion.

  • The details of LTE terminology, key standards specification, tools, and performance analysis based on typical scenarios
  • Hands-on log analysis for typical scenarios encountered when deploying LTE
    • Each scenario includes the exchange of signaling messages, interaction between protocol layers, and important metrics to analyze performance using log files.
  • How post-processing is tools-independent based on HTML files
  • How to apply the guidelines and processes covered in the course to standard analysis tools
  • How to explain the role of each protocol layer, identify key entities in a log file, and evaluate and assess overall LTE Performance in typical scenarios and network conditions

  • LTE Technical Overview
  • LTE Air Interface
  • LTE Call Processing or equivalent knowledge

  • Analyze the key technical aspects of LTE, including architecture, operation, and key parameters.
  • Troubleshoot LTE's specific acquisition and registration case studies-based log files.
  • Show the data transmission flow through different AS protocol layers in both Uplink and Downlink.
  • Calculate the main Uplink and Downlink Data Transfer KPIs using key factors and parameters impacting FTP data Transfer based on data collected in representative scenarios.
  • Perform analysis guidelines to assess both handover and reselection performance including: parameters configuration and its impact on performance.
  • Produce methodologies to analyze RSRP and RSRQ in both handover and reselection operations, including analysis of Tracking Area Update procedures and signaling flows of different LTE HOs (intra-freq, intra-eNB, inter-MME and Inter-SGW).
  • Analyze log files to show overall performance of inter-RAT handover and reselection procedures, including the impact and trade-off of associated parameters.
  • Quantify the performance of a typical LTE user in mobility scenarios, analyzing the data collected on typical drive route.
  • Analyze the different causes of radio link failures, detailing the mechanism triggered to recover (Recovery Connection Re-establishment).
  • Recognize typical failure cases in order to analyze overall LTE performance in a deployed network.

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