LTE Release 8/9 Troubleshooting and Performance Workshop

Learn the LTE terminology, key standards specification, tools and performance analysis based on typical scenarios. Get hands-on log analysis experience for typical scenarios encountered when deploying LTE. For each scenario, exchange of signaling messages, interaction between protocol layers, and important metrics to analyze performance are explained using the log files. Post-processing is tools-independent based on HTML files. The guidelines and processes covered in the course can be applied to standard analysis tools. At the end of this workshop the student will be able to explain the role of each protocol layer, identify key entities in a log file and evaluate and assess overall LTE Performance in typical scenarios and network conditions.

LTE Technical Overview
LTE Air Interface
LTE Call Processing or equivalent knowledge

• Analyze the key technical aspects of LTE, including architecture, operation, and key parameters.
• Troubleshoot LTE's specific acquisition and registration case studies-based log files.
• Show the data transmission flow through different AS protocol layers in both Uplink and Downlink.
• Calculate the main Uplink and Downlink Data Transfer KPIs using key factors and parameters impacting FTP data Transfer based on data collected in representative scenarios.
• Perform analysis guidelines to assess both handover and reselection performance including: parameters configuration and its impact on performance.
• Produce methodologies to analyze RSRP and RSRQ in both handover and reselection operations, including analysis of Tracking Area Update procedures and signaling flows of different LTE HOs (intra-freq, intra-eNB, inter-MME and Inter-SGW).
• Analyze log files to show overall performance of inter-RAT handover and reselection procedures, including the impact and trade-off of associated parameters.
• Quantify the performance of a typical LTE user in mobility scenarios, analyzing the data collected on typical drive route.
• Analyze the different causes of radio link failures, detailing the mechanism triggered to recover (Recovery Connection Re-establishment).
• Recognize typical failure cases in order to analyze overall LTE performance in a deployed network.

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