Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Troubleshooting and Performance Workshop

VoLTE, standardized by the GSM Association (GSMA), has gained worldwide acceptance with deployments by operators worldwide, because it offers both data traffic and voice traffic on the same network.

This workshop covers all aspects of VoLTE functionality and performance and focuses on performance improvements and troubleshooting, through detailed analysis of case studies.

This workshop covers the initial LTE attach, IMS registration, and end-to-end procedure of a VoLTE call setup, followed by in-call performance and troubleshooting. IMS re-registration and IMS de-registration are then explained. VoLTE Supplementary Services and VoLTE-related RAN features are also discussed. Supporting call flows and log analysis are covered for all scenarios. VoLTE Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and LTE performance considerations are introduced and explained as well.

The workshop also focuses on the concepts and procedures of intra-LTE and inter-RAT handover (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity, SRVCC) during a VoLTE call, in addition to call drop analysis and VoLTE emergency calls. This experiential workshop uses log files for all cases and LTE case studies with impact on VoLTE performance are woven throughout the course.

• VoLTE Technical Overview
• LTE Technical Overview
• LTE Air Interface

• Summarize the options available to support voice over LTE.
• Outline the VoLTE-capable UE’s LTE NW registration/attach procedure and default bearer establishment procedure.
• Identify the UE capabilities related to VoLTE and SRVCC, including FGI (Feature Group Indicator) bits.
• Explain IMS registration and re-registration procedures using log analysis.
• Describe M2M VoLTE call setup procedure including MO and MT scenarios.
• Explain Preconditions with the help of case studies.
• Identify VoLTE user plane and control plane Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
• Describe LTE performance considerations and LTE performance case studies related to VoLTE.
• Analyze logs of VoLTE call termination and IMS de-registration.
• Discuss supplementary services (call hold and call waiting scenarios).
• Present operation and log analysis of VoLTE-related RAN features: C-DRX, RoHC, TTI Bundling, and SPS.
• Discuss Intra-LTE handover troubleshooting process for VoLTE calls.
• Outline the high-level troubleshooting framework for call drop debugging, using case studies.
• Analyze SRVCC functionality and performance using success and failure logs.
• Describe IMS emergency operation using call flows and log snippets.

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