Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Troubleshooting and Performance Workshop

Enhance your engineering skills and understanding of VoLTE troubleshooting and performance. Learn from engineers at Qualcomm Technologies: a global pioneer in 5G technology.


  • Take the next step in your career by gaining a greater understanding of VoLTE technology.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless communication.
  • Upon completion, receive a Qualcomm-branded certificate of completion that may help you get that next job or promotion.

  • An experiential workshop to give you a greater understanding of VoLTE troubleshooting and performance
  • VoLTE functionality and performance
  • Performance improvements and troubleshooting through detailed analysis of case studies
  • The initial LTE attach, IMS registration, and end-to-end procedure of a VoLTE call setup
  • In-call performance and troubleshooting
  • IMS re-registration and IMS de-registration
  • VoLTE Supplementary Services and VoLTE-related RAN features
  • Supporting call flows and log analysis for all scenarios
  • VoLTE Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and LTE performance considerations
  • Concepts and procedures of intra-LTE and inter-RAT handover (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity, SRVCC) during a VoLTE call
  • Call drop analysis and VoLTE emergency calls
  • Log files for all cases
  • LTE case studies with impact on VoLTE performance

  • VoLTE Technical Overview
  • LTE Technical Overview
  • LTE Air Interface

  • Summarize the options available to support voice over LTE.
  • Outline the VoLTE-capable UE’s LTE NW registration/attach procedure and default bearer establishment procedure.
  • Identify the UE capabilities related to VoLTE and SRVCC, including FGI (Feature Group Indicator) bits.
  • Explain IMS registration and re-registration procedures using log analysis.
  • Describe M2M VoLTE call setup procedure including MO and MT scenarios.
  • Explain Preconditions with the help of case studies.
  • Identify VoLTE user plane and control plane Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Describe LTE performance considerations and LTE performance case studies related to VoLTE.
  • Analyze logs of VoLTE call termination and IMS de-registration.
  • Discuss supplementary services (call hold and call waiting scenarios).
  • Present operation and log analysis of VoLTE-related RAN features: C-DRX, RoHC, TTI Bundling, and SPS.
  • Discuss Intra-LTE handover troubleshooting process for VoLTE calls.
  • Outline the high-level troubleshooting framework for call drop debugging, using case studies.
  • Analyze SRVCC functionality and performance using success and failure logs.
  • Describe IMS emergency operation using call flows and log snippets.

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