5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)

The course starts with the motivations for dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS). It continues with DSS use in LTE MBSFN and non-MBSFN subframes, DSS in SA and NSA modes, comparisons between DSS and spectrum reframing, NR and LTE overhead in shared channel, and deployment considerations and recommendations. There are log analysis exercises for MBSFN and non-MBSFN based DSS procedures, DL/UL control and reference signals, LTE and NR PDSCH/PUSCH sharing, and mobility and RLF recovery.

• 5G NR Technical Overview
• 5G NR Air Interface

• Describe the motivations for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS).
• Explain Dynamic Spectrum sharing in SA and NSA modes.
• Discuss key techniques to enable DSS.
• Compare DSS with spectrum refarming.
• Explain dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) techniques in LTE MBSFN and non-MBSFN subframes.
• Discuss overhead calculations for MBSFN based DSS.
• Describe uplink operation in MBSFN based DSS.
• Discuss the details for non-MBSFN based DSS: SSB SCS, NR PDSCH Rate matching around LTE CRS, and Overhead consideration
• Describe how NR PDCCH can be used for uplink Grant Optimization.
• Compare TDD and FDD based DSS.
• Describe DSS in both SA and NSA modes.
• Discuss mobility considerations in NR SA and NSA modes.
• Compare spectrum sharing with reframing.
• Review important DSS deployment considerations.
• Analyze LTE attach procedure logs for EN-DC DSS setup.
• Describe how UE indicates DSS related features.
• Outline MBSFN based DSS procedures for EN-DC setup.
• Explain Non-MBSFN Based DSS procedures for EN‑DC setup.
• Discuss the key parameters for DSS.
• Introduce downlink and uplink control channels with examples using 15 kHz SCS.
• Describe downlink and uplink reference signals mapping.
• Explain additional DMRS port configuration.
• Describe high level coordination between LTE and NR schedulers for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing.
• Explain DL LTE and NR PDSCH sharing in MBSFN sub-frames.
• Discuss DL LTE and NR PDSCH sharing in Non-MBSFN sub-frames.
• Explain UL LTE and PUSCH sharing.
• Discuss deployment considerations.
• Explain mobility considerations.
• Describe NR RLF Recovery and DSS operation.